Meredith Darcy

I am a NASM-certified personal trainer and a fitness professional with a passion for improving quality of life through healthy lifestyles. I am motivated to help my clients  upgrade their movement quality to maximize performance, live pain-free, improve overall wellness,and increase longevity. I believe in seeking a healthier life by developing consistent long-term habits.I am an athlete through and through; I’ve dedicated my life to several sports, including strength training, running, and competitive travel soccer for 14 years, and I was a CrossFit Athlete for 3.5 years.

Educate. Inspire. Motivate.The medical & fitness industry is filled with misinformation and too much information. It can become confusing and overwhelming to know where to begin a workout routine or healthy lifestyle! That’s where I come in. My job as a personal trainer is to help educate my clients about the factual science of the human body.

 I prioritize core development, mobility, strength training, and cardiovascular conditioning with each client and individualize their program based on their specific goals and needs.I am passionate about inspiring others to take care of themselves and take charge of their life. I encourage consistency in both lifestyle and habits that will lead to increased longevity. I am motivated to help individuals reach their fitness goals. My true passion is helping others pursue the best version of themselves by working towards achieving a healthy balance of fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. Achieving results is difficult if there are inconsistencies in diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices. That’s where an accountability coach comes in.



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